Experience an incredible journey deep into the core of your being while you relax surrounded by soothing music and healing sounds in a comfortable chair and the Eternale system restores the natural bio-energetic harmony of your body.
The Eternale system deeply relaxes your body while attempting to train your entire musculature, to help you achieve inner balance and enhance your vitality. You will experience your stress levels reducing and a sense of well-being taking over your entire body and positively reflecting in your appearance.

The Eternale provides ten modules (Eternalizations) which use guided imagery and carefully orchestrated compositions sounding the lost solfeggio tones to support meditative states.
An Eternale session uses these individual Eternalizations, each with its specific music and tones.
In addition, a guided, specifically tailored module can be personalized to meet each individual’s needs.

Eterna Vitale
Do you feel exhausted, tired and weak?
Eterna Vitale can help you reach your maximum energy potential!

Eterna Youth
Get your youthful vigor and drive back!
Eterna Youth gives you a feeling of freshness, vitality and joy.

Stress - everyone has it, everyone knows it, everyone dreads it, but what do we do?
EternaSerene offers you a deep relaxation state, which reduces your stress levels and gives you serenity and a positive attitude.

Do you feel that the environmental stress load affects you?
EternaEnviro helps your body compensate and reduce the environmental stress factors.

The red carpet just for you!
EternaGlow helps your inmost "self" get a chance to shine.

Eterna shape
Model dimensions are not the measure of all things! Look forward to your ideal weight!
Eterna Shape helps you to reach your individual ideal weight and keep it.

Show your best side!
EternaLux intensifies your charisma, attractiveness, and your self-confidence.

Do you feel you perform at your maximum every day?
EternaFit is as a motivational training, which helps overcome the "weakness" and achieve your personal best.

The All-Inclusive Package!
EternaSphere provides additional vitality to body, mind and soul.

Eterna Lift
Do you dare to overcome your limits?
Eterna lift helps you to recognize your strengths and live to the fullest.

Solfeggio Tones
The Solfeggio Tones are said to have been used in ancient times by the Gregorian Monks to enhance spiritual connection during mass.
According to the church, these tones were lost for quite some time, and have only just been rediscovered and returned to humanity.

The frequencies which make up these tones are said to have incredible healing potential for the human body, especially the DNA. They are also known to bring about great spiritual awakening and transformation.

The energy bodies that the Solfeggio Frequencies have the greatest effect on are the physical, the etheric, the mental/ emotional and the astral. Music created from the Ancient Solfeggio Scale, stimulates the vibration of expanded creativity, easier problem solving and holistic health.

The solfeggio tones are the perfect complement to the ETERNALE Beauty Rejuvenation Software and work to enhance the clients’ experience of relaxation and reconnection to inner peace, divinity and harmony.

Nine Solfeggio Frequencies include:

  • 174 Hz: Acceptance and Grounding of Manifestation into Being
  • 285 Hz: Releasing Shame and Doubt
  • 396 UT: Liberating Guilt and Fear
  • 417 RE: Creating change and releasing patterns
  • 528 MI: Miracles, Transformation, Anti-Aging, DNA repair
  • 639 FA: Relationships and Connections
  • 741 SOL: Awakening Intuition
  • 852 LA: Transmutation: Returning to Spiritual Order
    963 Hz: Unity with Spiritual Order