Welcome to the newest generation of Universal Electrophysiological Biofeedback Systems. For decades, we have been the market leaders in alternative medicine, and with the Eductor we are redefining what we know about the concept of medicine, health and wellbeing.

Why the EDUCTOR?

As opposed to the other devices on the market that have one signal generator, the Eductor creates a 3D therapeutic field due to the 3 powerful signal generators embedded into the device. Two of the signal generators work continuously, and the third one is optional, to be turned on by the therapist to maximize the effect of the therapy. Not only does the third signal generator triple the power and efficacy of the ongoing therapy, but it also focuses part of its energy on specific areas, like chakras, resonant levels, and brainwaves or enhanced scalar field. As a result, we have more efficient Chakra Work, improved pain management results, improved electro-trauma healing and cranial electro-stimulation.

The major improvements to the EDUCTOR include a dedicated ECG, EEG, GSR, EMG chip with improved disturbance filtering. There are new active independent shielding and new heat stabilized voltage reference on each channel of the electrodes.

The electrocardiogram (ECG), a non-invasive method, measures the electrical currents or impulses that the heart generates during a cardiac cycle, displaying the pulse rate and a series of hints and interpretation of the data received after each cycle. Through the EEG measurement, the Eductor creates a record of the tiny electrical impulses produced by the brain's activity by measuring characteristic wave patterns. This measurement allows for early identification of subsequent problems and the possibility to correct using specific areas of the therapeutic part of the software.

The EDUCTOR has a new Peak rectifier for the measurement of the peak values of the AC components and Precise 22 bit Sigma-Delta AD converter for the high resolution DC measurement that allows for greatly improved measurement function. A new DC source can change the source impedance in a wide range for improved GSR measurement. This allows for more specific Xrroid testing, faster and more efficient Calibration and new means for interfacing with the body electric during therapy, inducing faster healing time and longer lasting results.

Dedicated independent EEG/EMG amplifier with a built in 50-60Hz noise and Butterwort filter and new built in wave source with programmable amplitude and frequency allow for improved verification of the EEG/EMG channels, thus creating a reliable recording of the electrical activity of muscles and detection of muscle disorders.

The Electro Transcendental Meditation function has been redesigned for the Eductor and stimulates the mind to go into a deeper, more balanced state of relaxation, where emotions are released more easily, senses are increased, colors enhanced, perception improved and consciousness open.

The design of the Eductor includes a modern LCD touch screen, displaying graphic and video representations of the biofeedback treatment. The screen has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.
The harnesses of the Eductor are similar to its predecessor, but redesigned with new connectors that allow for processing the huge amount of data that the Eductor reads and sends at incredibly high speed.


The whole software has been redesigned for the Eductor, so you may notice that the healing time is faster and the results you achieve last longer. Apart from the applications that are common with the SCIO, here are some specific applications created only for the Eductor:

  • A range of specialized Auto Focus Emphasis Therapies, with applications in the following areas:
    • Connecting to other dimensions
    • Bacterial, fungus, viral miasms
    • Hi Freq Degeneration and Injury Therapy
    • Motivation Stimulation
    • And much more…
  • EEG, ECG and EMG real time measurement and interpretation with the possibility of creating pre and post reports for better monitoring the client’s progress
  • Tripling the power of the biofeedback treatment by activating the third wave form generator of the EDUCTOR
  • The second wave form generator offers the option for personalized treatment for each client with different resonant levels, harness points, chakra and brainwave applications
  • The EDUCTOR allows for faster data processing and therefore decreased therapy time at maximum potential
  • The built in touch screen capabilities offer a multitude of possibilities to be developed in the future in the software, like starting the Calibration, test or the whole Home Use panel simply from your EDUCTOR screen

The EDUCTOR Package

We are striving to get our customers all the necessary tools to start up their EDUCTOR as easy and fast as possible. Therefore, we have put together a package that contains all the necessary accessories and information you need:

  • The EDUCTOR comes with a laptop bag that comfortably fits a 17 inch laptop together with the device and all related accessories.
  • The operating software of the EDUCTOR is provided to you on a 16 GB USB stick
  • The installation and activation is done by us to ensure the startup runs smoothly and problem free
  • A personalized pen is included for your convenience
  • EDUCTOR accessories are carefully packed and include a very reliable USB 3.0 cable, head harnesses, limb harnesses and a test plate
  • You have the opportunity to enrich your practice by purchasing several additional holistic software packages at discounted prices, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for details
  • The AntiSmoking and Prayer Wheel activations are complimentary with every Eductor sale