Interested to purchase your own SCIO Device?

When you decide to purchase a SCIO Biofeedback Device, we offer you professional advise and service to make your SCIO Biofeedback Device purchase hassle free!.  Whether you would like to purchase a new SCIO, a refurbished SCIO or used SCIO, we will be there for you every step of the way.


Why purchase a SCIO Device from us?

We give you peace of mind!  We ensure that your SCIO purchase is legal, that the transfer of ownwership is completed and that the SCIO Device is in good working order.  In addition we offer the most comprehensive SCIO biofeedback training and support in the industry!

We are registered with the South African Department of Health as an importer and distributor of the SCIO Biofeedback Device.

What do we have on offer?

We can supply you with either a new SCIO, a refurbished SCIO or used SCIO Biofeedback Device.  These SCIO devices are supplied by the manufacturer in Budapest and sells with a new usb cable, harnesses as well as a warrantee. Yes, that is correct, the refurbished and used SCIO devices sells with a warrantee!


Do you need more information?  Kindly contact us and we will assist you gladly.